Who We Are

In 2012, it was realised, as per the prevalent information of the time, that there were over 600 conservation / environmental groups registered for, and located throughout, the country. Apart from the major groups in Colombo, few knew what the other did, and this lack of cohesion was often used to disrupt conservation initiatives.

In addition, many of the organisations outside of Colombo lacked the necessary resources, financial and technical, to fund and drive their programmes / campaigns.

Most importantly, there were, and continue to be, too many crises in conservation and environmental protection for one organisation to address on its own.  It now needed the resources and expertise of a number of groups, working in partnership, to try and prevent the further destruction of the natural world.

A group of conservationists decided to try and change this, and set up FEO to try and act as a conduit for unifying environmental and conservation organizations for a sustainable and environmentally conscious Sri Lanka

FEO is a registered Trust that is governed by a Board comprising of passionate conservationists who are committed to working with all relevant agencies / organisations to provide them with support in addressing crucial environmental issues, affecting Sri Lanka’s precious natural heritage.

FEO does not charge a fee from affiliate organisations but relies totally on sponsorships, partnerships and fund raising activitiesto raise the necessary finances for its operations.

Main Objectives

• To form an umbrella organization for the conservation community in Sri Lanka that will report, prioritize and lobby for the effective conservation of the Sri Lankan environment and will be capable of countering all threats to the country’s environment as a single, unified voice.

• Form an organization that is representative of the majority of the conservation community

• Respond consistently to threats to Sri Lankan environment

• Assimilation, Collation and dissemination of reliable data on environment and its issues

• Create awareness amongst the general population, children, youth and the politicians of the country of the threats facing the environment and articulation of the consequences of its loss to them.

• Identifying and empowering member organizations by recognizing, respecting & nurturing their skills.

• Create an annual forum for the conservation community.

• Create a ‘watchdog’ network throughout Sri Lanka.

“Even here at the edge of this lonely landscape, the sand is packed with animal prints.  I count myself fortunate to have left my own tracks beside theirs.  And I am fortunate to have been both witness and apprentice to the wild creatures in one of the last and best places on earth.”

Frans Lanting
in A gathering of wildlife
NGM Dec 1990

The launch event

Good morning, Ladies & Gentlemen, and welcome to the launch of the Federation of Environmental Organizations (FEO).  Your presence here is greatly appreciated, as it is you who will ultimately define this organization, its scope and effectiveness. Without you, there will no organization.

Why have you come?  There is an old English proverb that says, “United we stand: divided we fall”!  Sadly, today in Sri Lanka, conservation and environmental protection are under siege. You will have a presentation later that will give powerful example of how this occurs every day, and in every corner of this island.  And so it is of particular importance that fellow conservationists from the North & East, and from other parts of the country, have made considerable effort to be here today.  Welcome again, for we all need each other to stop the destruction.  We need to stand together, support and encourage each other to protect this remnant of the wonderful natural heritage that we have been blessed with; surely the true wealth of this small home of ours.

For conservation is ultimately about people. If we destroy our environment we will ultimately destroy ourselves.  Plants and animals help maintain that environment; allow them to perish, and we will soon follow.

During the course of today, you will hear eminent speakers explain the proposed structure of this organization, illustrate the current perilous position of conservation in Sri Lanka, expound the virtues of us working together, and inspiring us with their perseverance, after all of these years, to keep up the fight. Let us give them close ear.

Ladies & Gentlemen, it may be 2012 and we may be intrigued by ancient Mayan predictions, enhanced by blockbuster Hollywood depictions, of the end of our days.   I strongly believe, however, that ours is not the Final Generation, though some of our policy makers seem to think so.  We cannot keep taking without giving back.  We cannot keep stealing from the future; we must invest in it instead.  Our children demand it of us.  Our country, and its 3, 000 year history, expects it of us.

So, let us stand together for the Future!