ENVFORCE is a collective of concerned students, educators and volunteers that are committed to raising awareness about environmental issues and to reducing their environmental impact as individuals, School and University communities, and citizens of Sri Lanka.  Focusing on children and young people is particularly important because it is an opportunity to intervene at a key developmental stage of life, and because they have been identified as effective agents of change.


The objective of ENVFORCE is to help young people become environmentally literate, conscious and actively participate in school environmental clubs, other young people-led organizations, and in National and International movements in an effort to develop the skills and attitudes which will enable them to become responsible citizens who are dedicated and willing to work, individually and collectively, towards achieving a high quality of life through environmental protection.

Our programme seeks to allow young people to DARE:

  • Demonstrate leadership in matters concerning the environment by being the driving force within your immediate circle – be it school, university or a broader national level  .
  • Acquire knowledge, skills, values, experiences, and the determination to act, both individually and collectively, to solve present and future environmental problems.
  • Raise awareness on environmental issues and the critical need for conservation, preservation, and restoration initiatives
  • Engage with one’s surroundings, by participating in environmental activities at school and within the community, and also at national and global levels.

Benefits of Joining ENVFORCE

Connect with environmentally-conscious young people in your school, region, and around Sri Lanka to:

  • Get a deeper understanding about the environment, and the current challenges and pathways available to overcome these problems
  • Take action to make a difference in your school, community, and country
  • Become a ‘Leader for Change’ in your school and community
  • Engage with others and make new friends from around Sri Lanka, as well as network with environment professionals.

Areas of Focus

Within Each School

  • Creation of Urban Gardens and Butterfly Gardens
  • Minimizing use of Plastic, Polythene, and other waste
  • Monitoring the environment within the school premises (maintaining species checklists, nurturing plants, and monitoring their growth)
  • Knowledge-sharing sessions (seminars, documentaries, debates newsletters, etc.)

Regional and National Scale

  • Raise awareness on key thematic areas that are vital to understanding the Sri Lankan environment and conservation landscape e.g. climate change, endangered species, threats to National Parks and other protected areas, etc.
  • Lead initiatives that result in positive / pro-environment behavioural change among young people and the community at large e.g. Sustainable Consumption as a lifestyle choice and reducing waste streams
  • Engaging on FEO-led Conservation Projects and Advocacy Campaigns to gain practical experience on initiatives that have an impact at the National, Regional and local level e.g. supporting data collection for FEO research activities or developing communication content