Vinod Malwatte

Vinod Malwatte


Vinod is the Executive Director of the Lanka Environment Fund (LEF), an organization set up to act as a facilitator of conservation funding for Sri Lanka. As a conservation administrator, Vinod has been responsible for mobilizing over $550,000 of funding via the LEF to conservation initiatives across the island. He is also the Co-Founder of the Parrotfish Collective, a group of conservation communicators. His previous roles include operating as Project Coordinator for the Rewilding for Tourism (RFT) project under the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, as co-founding project manager of Waste Less Arugam Bay (WLAB) and as coordinator operations and project manager for the FEO.

In addition to his work with LEF and Parrotfish Collective, Vinod is currently co-chair of the Mangrove Conservation & Sustainable Livelihoods Forum and is on the judging panel for the Best Sustainability projects awarded by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce at their annual Corporate Citizen awards. Vinod has a master’s degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder in Environment with a focus in community engagement and sustainability planning management and an undergraduate degree in Geography and Anthropology from Macalester College, USA.

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